2019 Horse Sale Catalog

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A Family Tradition

A family tradition of raising, ranching and competing on horses with cow sense, conformation and heart.

A Family Tradition (pdf)


2019 Videos of Sale Horses.

Keep checking back as we continue to upload the horses that will be offered at our Sale on August 11th

Click here for 2019 videos.

Lot 3 Badlands Rain Hunch

Lot 3 Badlands Rain Hunch.  Owned by Sperry Horses.

Keep Checking In.

Please remember to keep checking back with us as we continue to work on the new website and update the horses to be offered at our sale.  

Kanon and Big B.  Big B will be offered at our upcoming Annual sale on August 11th.

Sperry Horses Annual Sale: August 11, 2019

Annual Sale is located at the Sperry Ranch.

 We are very excited for our upcoming 16th Annual Performance and Production Sale to be held at the Sperry Ranch. We hope you enjoy seeing where we live, work and ride. It should give you an insight to what one can expect from our horses. 

Ranch Horse Competition:

Join us on Saturday August 10th at noon to see the sale horses compete at the Ranch Horse Competition.  

Click here for Sperry Horses YouTube channel. 2019 sale horses.

RL Horses

RL Horses will be offering progeny out of Romeo White Feathers at our annual sale.